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SWAN Games Company's Internet Bridge Platform for NBOs


SWAN Games Company announces the release of an Internet bridge platform - named BridgeLynx - which can be used by national bridge organizations to provide free Internet based bridge services for their members.

Q: What is BridgeLynx and what is an Internet bridge platform?
A: The BridgeLynx Internet Platform is an expertly designed collection of software and support services which make it easy for NBO's to run Internet based bridge events for their members.

Q: Why would an NBO wish to make use of BridgeLynx?
Internet bridge offers NBO's exciting opportunities to reach their current members in a new way, to attract the next generation of players, and to earn additional revenue.

In the past, NBO's could not take advantage of these opportunities without investing heavily to solve the technical problems inhernet in running Internet bridge events.

BridgeLynx is the solution to this barrier - it allows an NBO to focus on the content their bridge events without having to worry about the many underlying technical details. And, BridgeLynx is available on a "percentage of revenue" basis, so there are no upfront or continuing service fees involved.

Q: How does BridgeLynx work?
In general, BridgeLynx works like this: The NBO would receive various administrative software tools for managing events on our bridge server. Events include masterpoint tournaments, national team practices, bridge school teaching and lessons, and exhibition matches. SWAN Games supports the NBO by maintaining the software and the bridge server, and by training the NBO staff to use the tools.

You may wish to tour the other pages of this website to learn more about the BridgeLynx Internet Platform.

Q: How easy is it to setup?
It is very easy to get setup with BridgeLynx. The administrative tools can all be run from a desktop computer, and SWAN Games provides free training to use the tools.

Q: How do we get started?
Please contact Laila Leonhardt at to request
additional information or to arrange a meeting.

Not ready to run online events yet?
Your NBO can still earn 25% of all membership orders placed by NBO players.
Contact us at to find out more.

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