Below is a list of conventions.
Those in Blue text are links to additional description or suggested defense

Used for overcall of opp's 1NT opening
Double 0 Pass 1 (Used for blckw interference)
Used for overcall of opp's 1NT opening
response to pd's 3rd seat major opening.
Dutch 2C+Defense
two-way multi: weak two diamonds or strong 2C
Ekrens weak majors+Defense
Modified Ekren 2 club opening showing 4+ 4+ in majors, 0-11 hcp (4-11 hcp vul)
2D artificial opening bid showing 5 Hearts and 4 Spades
Forcing 1NT
response to pd's 1 major opening
Gambling 3NT
Used as opening bid showing solid 7-card minor suit with no side values.
4 C jump over pd's NT opening ask for Aces.
a jump to 5NT when trump is established asking pd to bid 6 or 7 of suit
Jacoby 2NT
response to pd's opening major bid by unpassed hand, showing 13+ and 4 card suit asking for void/singleton.
Jacoby Transfer
Used over pd's NT opening to show 5 card's of suit 1 step higher than bid.
Used for overcall of opp's 1NT opening
Lebensohl over NT
Used over interference of pd's 1NT opening.

Lebensohl vs weak 2s
used over  opp's weak two-bid
Direct cuebid of opp's opening suit showing 5-5 weak or very strong
Multi 2D+Defense
2d opening shows preempt in a major or balanced 19/21
Neg X
after overcall of pd's opening bid, shows 2 unbid suits
New minor forcing, promises 5 of major suit bid first bid
step response to pd's 2NT over your  weak 2 bid: 3C Bad hand, bad suit- 3D Bad hand, good suit- 3H Good hand, bad suit - 3S Good hand, good suit
Redouble 0 Pass 1 (Used for blckw intrf)
Reverse Drury
2C response to pd's 3'rd seat major opening shows limit raise.
4NT asking for aces when trump established (K trump counts as an ace)
used to respond to pd's overcall when opp respond to opening bid
used over 2D response to Stayman showing 5-4 in Majors by jumping to 3 level in shorter major
Double jump over pd's opening showing void/singleton, support for pd's suit and slam interest.
Asking 1NT opener for Majors
showing 13-15 points balanced, support and slam interest
Texas Transfer
Over pd's NT opening jump to 4 level (1 level below suit) to be played at 4 level.
UDCA- carding method
Low card enc and high-Low= odd # in the suit
Unusual 2NT
a jump overcall showing minors or two lower suits
Wilkosz 2D + Defense
showing 5-5 distribution, too weak to open at the 1-level (usually 6-7 losers and 6-10 HCP.)

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