Grab List

You will find the 'Grab List' in the Rooms Tab in the left side of the lobby window.

The purpose of the grab list is;

Available players who are looking for a game can add their name(and a comment if the like) to the 'Grab list'.

A table that are looking for players can now open the lobby window and select players of appropiate level and click on Grab.

The player now gets moved to the table needing players and asked to have a seat.

A player can cancel his entry from the Grab list any time by clicking on Remove

in buttons right above the Grab list

Note: Each room has it's own grab list. Once you enter a new room, you are removed from the grab of previous room. When using the Grab to enter a tournament, be sure first to join the room of the tourney you wish to play in. Add your Level in Settings above table, so the director can match you with an appropriate partner