To look the player profile for any player, click on the tab in the upper right corner of the lobby and type in the user name and click 'get profile'

When at a table, just click on the name of the person talking and their profile with appear.

Access the profile of any player at the table by clicking on the name by their seat.

At the bottom of the profile you can add your personal notes on a player.

and the aquintance level.
If you select friend, you will be notified when that user logs on with a message and a sound (sound and messages can be customized in Settings)
If you select gagged you will no longer be able to hear this persons messages in public or private chat.

To edit your own profile, click on the 'edit profile button.

Note: Remember to Save your changes before clicking the  'upload photo.'

To Upload your photo, click the button and select a photo or animations from your computer