SAYC by Ned Downey

When responder jumps to 2NT after an opening bid of 1H or 1S, the trump suit has been established and opener is asked for further information regarding his hand. His rebids are as follows:

  • A 4-level bid in a new suit shows a side suit of five+ cards.
  • A 3-level bid in a new suit shows a singleton or a void in the bid suit.
  • A rebid of the agreed suit denies a side singleton or void. If made at the four level, it shows a minimum hand. If made at the three level it shows a maximum hand.
  • A rebid of 3NT denies side shortness and shows 15-17 points.

Responder may now:

  • Pass a game rebid by opener.
  • Attempt to sign off in game.
  • Bid Blackwood, or
  • Cuebid if still interested in pursuing a slam.