SAYC by Ned Downey

A 2C opening bid shows 22+ points, or the playing equivalent. Responses are as follows:

2D is artificial and "waiting." The bid simply indicates a hand not suited to any of the positive responses which follow.

  • 2H, 2S, 3C and 3D are natural and game forcing. These bids promise a suit of five+ cards and, usually, two of the top three honors.
  • 2NT shows a balanced holding of 8+ HCP.

Opener's Rebids:

A rebid in a suit at the lowest level available is natural and almost always shows a suit of five or more cards. This bid is forcing to the three level in a major suit or the four level in a minor suit.

  • A jump rebid in a suit shows a self-supporting holding in that suit and is game forcing.
  • A rebid of 2NT is not forcing and shows 22-24 HCP. After a 2NT rebid all systems are "on." 2C is Stayman, 2D and 2H are transfers, etc.