SAYC by Ned Downey

The Weak Two (2D/2H or 2S) - Criteria:

5-10/11 HCP

  • Typically 6 cards of reasonable quality in the suit bid.
  • No voids as partner is likely to hold values in your void.
  • No outside four-card major as you may miss a 4-4 major- suit fit.

A weak two may also be bid with a seven-card suit of poor quality and occasionally with a five-card suit - - normally this action will be taken in third position. Note the high end of the range is precautionary in that some 11 HCP hands, particularly if partner is an unpassed hand, can be too strong for a weak two. Compare:

S: AKJxxx H: 7 D: JTxxx C: Qx

S: AKQJxx H: 87 D: Jxx C: xx

The first hand, with a singleton and doubleton is much too good for a weak 2S bid. The second hand, with 9 of the 11 HCP in spades is fine.


  • 2NT is forcing, even when the opponents intervene over the preempt. Opener rebids his suit with a minimum. With a maximum, opener bids a new suit to show a "feature" - - an outside ace or "protected" king. Lacking a feature he raises to 3NT, allowing partner to place the contract or bids a side suit of four cards or more headed by the queen.
  • A raise of opener's suit is to play and is often preemptive.
  • A response of 3NT is to play.
  • A new suit by responder shows at least five cards and is forcing for one round (RONF - - Raise Only Non-Forcing). Opener should raise a new major suit with three-card support or, perhaps, a doubleton honor. With no fit for responder's suit, opener rebids his own suit with a minimum. With a maximum he will name a new suit or bid NT.

Three-Level Preempts:

These bids are normally made on a seven-card holding and a hand that is too weak to open at the one level. New suits by responder below game level are forcing.