SAYC by Ned Downey

  • Blackwood is employed to ask for aces.
  • Gerber is employed for the same purpose in NT auctions - - refer to preceding material.
  • A jump to 5NT in a suit auction is the "Grand Slam Force." Partner bids seven of the trump suit when holding two of the top three honors in the suit. Failing two of the top three, partner bids six of the agreed suit.
  • Cue bidding may be employed to investigate slam once a trump suit has been agreed. Cue bidding is often used to avoid Blackwood when holding a void or worthless doubleton.

When the opponents interfere over Blackwood or Gerber:

  • DOPI (double with no aces, pass with one ace and with more bid naturally).
  • If the interference is in the form of a double, ROPI (redouble with no aces, pass with one ace, etc.).