SAYC by Ned Downey

  • High Card Points (HCP) are based on Goren point count ace = 4, king = 3, queen = 2, jack = 1.
  • Distributional points are added for every suit containing more than four cards, each card beyond four being worth 1 point
  • First and Second seat borderline openers follow the Rule of 20. Add total HCP to the number of cards in your two longest suits. If the total comes to 20 or more, open the bidding.
  • Third seat may open light if you can tolerate and are willing to pass any responding bid by partner. If you feel your hand would have been worthy of an overcall had RHO opened, then it is usually worthy of a light opening bid in third seat.
  • Fourth seat borderline openers are based on the Rule of 15. Take your HCP and add the number of spades in your hand. If the total is 15 or more, open the bidding.