By clicking on the Color or Sound   button above the table,
you can access the settings and costumize your fonts, colors, sounds and messages.

In General you can chance the fonts .

And the background and text color for the 4 boxes:

The table text box

The lobby text box

The help chat box

The private chatbox


Remember that any changes you make will only apply after you click the  button.

The will restore to the original settings of the Tab you have selected. If you want to restore your sounds to the default settings, then first select the sound tab and then click "Default Settings"

In Board Settings you can change the colors of your table:

Select the item on the table that you would like to change the color of         





and then click

In the upper right corner a drop box will let you select how you prefer the sorting of your cards to be displayed.

In Sound Settings you can select to have sounds for different events.

Chose the event you want to add/change a sound for

and then click  Change on the panel.

A file box will appear on your screen with a selection of suggested sounds you can add. You can add any sound you have saved on your computer for any event on the list.

In Message Setting

you can change the wording of the messages you see as well as the  text color
displayed for each type of message.