Ping is used to test your and other players  connection to the server.
The ping feature can be access on the Ping Button or in the Table nav bar

How does ping work:

Ping works by sending a message to the a message to a player, and timing how long it takes for the message to come back.

For another player, it goes from you, to the server, to the player, back to the server, back to you so when looking at ping times, it makes sense to subtract your ping time from other players to see where the "bottleneck" is.

The times are in millisecs, so 1000 millisecs is a 1 second ping. Not all users can be pinged - you need to have at least version 2.0.

Ping will show a *** N/S for users with old versions, which means Not Supported
Ping will show a *** N/A if you try to ping a user who is not online, which means Not Available
Sent shows the number of messages you sent for a player.
Recv shows the number of messages which came back, last show the ping time for the last message which came back.
Avg show the average ping time since you opened or reset the pings