Logging on to SWAN you will see a lobby screen. This is used for all navigation and profiles.

  Lobby left:

Home - Shows your SWAN membership status, club passes and tickets you have
Rooms - Player rooms and tournament. *shows the room you are in.
Tables - List of tables in the current room- Start a new table.
Players - List of all the players currently logged in.

  Lobby Right:

Roomchat - Chat to all players in same room.
Profiles - Enter your email address and system.
Friends - Enter the username of friends and be notified when they log in.
Chats - Shows all the current chatboxes you have open.
Helpdesk - Illustrated help on all the SWAN features in the index.


Last trick -
Display of previous trick
Chats -
Buttons for your private chats
Gamemessages -
Ask/Answer opps queries
Quick Score -
Fieldscores for session.
Table buttons -
Navigate using these buttons
Table and room chat -
Talk to Table or Room
Vulnerability compass -
And current tricks won

Click in player list and Start a New table and Grab ready players.

  How to join a table

Click on the table (from the Table Tab) you wish to join (so it highlights yellow) and then click the "Join Table" button.
You can also Start a new table and let people join you. In the Room Tab you can grab available players to your table or simply ask in the Lobby Chat (right chat box at the table) to come join you.

  How to sit and play

When you join a Table the lower left box is the table chat. It is polite to ask before  sitting. The click on a seat that has an <Empty>.
When 4 players are seated, the cards are dealt and you can start playing.

The table before play begins will show the 4 suits visible to all players.

  How to see vulnerability

Upper left corner has a Compass
The colors red/green indicates vulnerability. D is dealer and the needle at the center of the compass always points north. The outside yellow shows declarer

  How to bid

To Bid click on Number+Suit+Bid or Pass+Bid

  How to spectate

Join a table and click on the Spectate button in lower left of the table and select ALL. Anything you type in the table chat can now only be heard by spectators.
You can also spectate as Dummy without leaving your seat.
In tournaments the director will assign you to a table. Tell director in the room chat.

   How to join another table

Click on the "Leave" button in lower left corner and you will return to the lobby. Now you can select another table from the "table list" and join.

To get up from a table after hand is done just click on the Stand button
and no new cards will be dealt when the current hand is over.

 How to change colors and text

Click on Settings upper left corner. In general you can change the Font and the Table message text. In MSGS you can select a specific text like "Player talks to table" and change the color.

  How to review hands played

Click on the Results button at the lower left corner of the table or in View- Results in the navigation bar or the small icon above the table

   Set a Flag and Level

Click on Settings to Set your Flag and Level in Players List

  How to view any profile

Click on any player name that joins, logs in or talks in the lobby chat or table chat and their profile will pop up. You can also see a players profile by click on their name in the Players List in the lower left box of the lobby or use the Profile Tab in the lobby and type the User Name.

  How to make my own profile

  To make your own profile click on your own name from the "players list" or type your user name in "player Profile" and then click "Edit your profile"

  How to Join a tournament

Be sure to add your and your partners user name on the registration page before game starts and a confirmation email is send to the email address in your profile.

Click on LOBBY - Rooms
Click on the tournament you wish to join and then click the Join Selected Room button above.

Different tournaments requires tickets, pass or membership

Quick page with schedules for all tournament rooms
http://www.swangames.com/motd/sched ules.php

 If you need a partner, then join the tournament room 5-10 before gametime and click on the *Play bridge Anywhere* button in Lobby-Room page

  How to become a member

 On SWAN you can play duplicate for free as long as you like.

SWAN Membership will give you access to the many SWAN point tournaments.
All other features on SWAN are free!. 

To purchase membership click on "Go Here" to order link in the welcome page

or go directly to

To pay by check/money order just change the payment option in the form

  How to play in ACBL

 The ACBL regular club game tickets and pass should be purchased ahead of gametime. You will need a valid ticket to be able to enter the ACBL tournament room.
http://www.swangames.com/main/ACBL _on_SWAN/acbl_on_swan.html

  How to find more help

 Click on F1 and check if the Index of the Helpdesk has an answer to your question. You can try asking in the "lobby chat", there are many helpful people online who will do their best to help you.

Feel free to e-mail us support@swangames.com for additional help or questions.

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