ACBL masterpoints: American Contract Bridge League (ACBL)
masterpoints can now be awarded in online computer bridge games.
The recognition of these points will be in the form of a new type of masterpoint and they will have no pigmentation. No more than 1/3 of the masterpoints needed to achieve established ACBL status levels can come from online play. Thus, no more than 100 of the required 300 masterpoints for Life Master may come from online play. The total number of masterpoints available to be awarded in an online club game will be the same as in a comparably sized face-to-face game.

  • To qualify for ACBL Masterpoints you will need to be a member of the ACBL and have your ACBL # in your profile on SWAN.
  • All the ACBL sanctioned games on SWAN will follow the ACBL convention and alert rules and directors in the ACBL sanctioned games are all certified

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