Alerts. Nonstandard bidding agreements, or special treatments which the opponents are probably unaware of, should be self-alerted by the player making the call. Alerts should be explained in the bid box and by use of Bid+Alert button so the alert comes same time as bid.

ACBL Alert Chart

Please alert bids like Transfers, Unusual 2NT, Gambling 3 NT, responses to conventions, and of course all bids marked in red in the ACBL convention card (if your 1C opening can be shorter than 3 please remember to alert as 'Could be short') Standard bids like take-out doubles, Stayman, and Blackwood does not require alert.
A good rule of thumb is to alert all bids that doesn't show a natural 3+ suit up till 4NT.
Note: If a new suit by a an unpassed hand is non forcing you have to alert this.
Read more about conventions and systems allowed in SWANs ACBL Open tourneys on this the following URL

ACBL Midchart (pdf file)

Convention Card. Please post Convention Card by game time. If no convention card is ready, please play SAYC and std carding and leads. No advanced systems are allowed without a complete convention card filled out.

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