A player may ask for an appeal by committee in cases where a director's ruling is one of judgment (as opposed to a clear-cut ruling made from the tournament rules - an example would be a score adjustment on a deal for which there was a failure to adequately explain a bid. This is a judgment call, and different directors might rule differently).

An appeal should be announced to the director within 10 minutes after the ruling and submitted by email with a text file attachment of the board to with detailed reasoning for appealing the ruling
the latest 30 min after the tournament has finished.

If the board in question is not submitted in text file,
the appeals committee cannot review.
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The committee will then review the reasoning of the TD and the pairs involved. 
An appeals committee is empowered only to review a judgment ruling and may not not overturn the tournament rules.

Pending appeals:

None pending

Resent Committee rulings:

Appeal # 20603: Result stands

Handbook and laws for appeals

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