Etiquette. Each player should make a good-faith effort to complete the tourney. A player who may not be able to finish should not register. No player shall leave the tournament voluntarily until completing all deals. Any deliberated abandoning of the tournament will result in warning or suspension of tournament rights.
Most important, a player should carefully refrain from any comment or mannerism that might offend or embarrass any player. A player's conduct should always support the enjoyment of the game for all. Any rudeness or abusive behavior will result in removal from the tournament with a warning or suspension of tournament rights.

Dummies are to refrain from comments or suggestions during play.

Cheating. Use of an online instant messaging service (such as ICQ, Zone Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM) or any other means (such as a website or telephone), for the purpose of conveying unauthorized information to partner, is strictly prohibited. 
Anyone caught cheating will forfeit their membership without a refund and be permanently banned. Additionally, SWAN Games will submit the names and the evidence of players banned for cheating to their respective country's bridge federations.
Rules and Policy 

Please remember SWAN is a friendly Club. In Tournament as well PlayRoom you are expected to be polite to your opponents and your partner at all times! Abusive behavior will result in suspension of your tournament rights or your account.

To file a complaint or report suspicion of cheat click on Complaints at the bottom of the Lobby-Home page when you log on to SWAN. Remember for category 4 (suspicion of cheat) That the board in question has to be submitted in text format along with details of systems used and alerts/explanations to be reviewed by the ethics committee.

Save board into textfile and submit to CM

SWAN will continue to uphold ZERO TOLERANCE in all cases of abusive, rude, unethical behavior or cheating.

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