Rules for ACBL

Director. The Tournament Director (TD) shall accept entries, conduct the tournament, and make rulings when called to a table by a player. Use the 'Lobby Chat' to call director to table. TD may adjust a board using accepted ACBL criteria, in cases where a pair has been damaged as a result of failure to post convention card or pre announce system, failure to alert, failure to adequately explain a bid or call, use of unauthorized information, or any other irregularity which damages a pair. Director should attempt to restore equity in all cases and shall attempt to continue play (if that can be done fairly) or award an adjusted score which reflects the probable result on the deal (resolving questionable plays or bids in favor of the damaged pair).

Summoning Director. A player shall summon the TD when it appears an irregularity has occurred. Players should do this politely. Bidding or play shall stop until the director has ruled on the issue at hand.
If you have queried and not received answer from opponent, then do not continue bidding until you receive such

Convention Card. Please post Convention Card by game time. If no convention card is ready, please play only standard systems, ranges and conventions.
A pair should announce their system and carding and any unusual methods at beginning of each round and only speak English at table when cards are dealt. Opponents should not begin bidding until this is announced.

Unusual Methods. Please announce at the start of each round if you are playing an unusual system, such as Precision or Canape. Also please announce any unusual carding agreements, such as UDCA or Odd-Even Discards. Highly unusual conventions, such as Multi Two Diamonds or Dutch Two Bids, should also be announced and and a suggested defense provided (Suggested defense for Multi 2D is available in Help desk-Conventions)

Alerts. In online tournaments you should Self-Alert
Nonstandard bidding agreements and any suit bid that doesn't show a natural suit should be alerted. Any NT bid that doesn't show a balanced hand should also be alerted.
Please ALERT and EXPLAIN all your non std bids: All direct Cuebids, Transfers, Unusual 2NT, Gambling 3 NT, all conventional bids and responses and all bids not showing the suit bid up to the 4 NT level (except stayman and blackwood). If in doubt- please Alert.

Bid Queries. Any player may ask at any time during the board about the opponents' agreement regarding any call, whether that call was alerted or not. In order to avoid exchange of unauthorized information, the query should be directed only to RHO, LHO or Opps, using the Table Chat arrow. The open table chat should not be used for bid queries or responses, as this conveys information to partner. If in doubt- please query.

Unauthorized Information. Bids, cards played, and opponents' remarks or tempo breaks constitute authorized information. Please remember during online play tempo breaks may occur from technical delays and are very difficult to establish. Partner's remarks or tempo breaks are Unauthorized Information (UI). It is improper for a player to draw any inference from UI. You should make the director aware of any possible UI.

Dummy. A dummy should be quiet during the play. It is not allowed for dummy to suggest line of play or claim.

Psyches. A psychic call is a deliberate and gross misstatement of high-card strength or suit length. In general, psyches are permitted, however a psychic call of a conventional bid is not permitted. Further, partnership agreement regarding specific psyches is not permitted. Psyches need to be reported to director each time by the player making the psyche. Typing 'I psyched' in tournament room chat or in private to director is the correct way to report. Please do so as soon as possible after the psyche.
There is no penalties for not reporting, however continuous failure to report this will disallow future use of psyches by that player.
TD may inspect the recap for a deal in which a psych has occurred. If it is apparent that a partnership agreement exists regarding that psychic call, TD may invoke the Rule Of Coincidence and adjust the board. (Rule of Coincidence applies when one player has made a call which compensates for the misdescription of partner's hand - for example, a player overbids his hand by 3 HCP and partner underbids to compensate. In such a case it is apparent that an undisclosed partnership agreement exists).

Claims. Only declarer should initiate a claim. Defenders or dummy should not suggest that declarer claim, as this may convey unauthorized information.
When claiming, (1) please draw all trump first and (2) please state your line of play at the table unless it is completely obvious. Remember that the opponents receive the benefit of the doubt if you fail to do this and there is more than one line of play.

Results Results will be posted on shortly after the winners are announced in the player room lobby chat.

Masterpoints Will be posted at the result page. ACBL masterpoints are submitted to the ACBL on a monthly basis

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