IcelandAir Open 2006

Running Scores - update board by board - Real time!

SWAN is connected to the on-site scoring program and will be showing running results for the entire field throughout the event. As scores are entered at the tournament you will see them instantly here on SWAN's website.

 Feb 16th to Feb 19th 2006

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Running Scores- Click event to watch the running scores

Local time (edt)



February 15th

19.00-23.00 (02.00pm-06.00pm)

Star Pairs


February 16th and 17th

19.00-24.30 (02.00pm-07.30pm)

Open Pairs


11.00-19.00 (06.00am-02.00pm)

February 18th and 19th

11.00-20.00 (06.00am-02.00pm)

Open Teams


11.00-17.45 (06.00am-12.45pm)

 Daily photos from the event

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