Step by Step

These are general step-by-step directions for downloaing and installing
SWAN Games Bridge...

1) Download the software


Select the Save this program to
disk option and click OK.



2) Install the software


When the download is complete,
click on Open and the installation
of the software will begin.



3) Run the software.


After you install the software,
an icon labelled SWAN Games Bridge
will appear on your desktop.
Double-click on this icon to run the software.


4) Create an account


The first time you run the software, you will be asked to enter login information. Select the 'I am a new user' option and enter the username and password you would like to use.



5) Login

When the software accepts your username and password, you will enter the lobby. From there, you can see a list of the tables and players.


To join a table, click on it so that it highlights yellow and then hit the 'Join Selected Table' button



For more help while online, hit the F1 key and you will be taken to the helpdesk. You can click on Tutorial or browse for more information there. Or, look for the Lobby tab called 'LobbyChat'. Asking a question in there is likely to get an answer.

If you have questions or comments please e-mail us

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