Rules and Policy

The mission of SWAN Games Company is to provide the very
best Internet Bridge Club. To make this happen, it is
important that all club members and guests respect the
following rules and guidelines.

Please read these rules carefully, and don't hesitate to report any violations to

  • Please do not post other people's address, phone number or any other private information, without their consent.
  • Any kind of rude, obscene, profane, political, racist and hateful slurs will not be accepted in public chat.
  • Any profane, obscene or otherwise inappropriate user name will be deleted or renamed.
  • Any targeting or harassment of other members is not allowed. Please use the gag feature in the software to deal with this issues first. If any harassment continues while online on SWAN Games server, then please contact one of the online officials or e-mail
  • It is not allowed to add SWAN Games online staff on your gag list.
  • Unauthorized advertising, soliciting or spamming is not allowed on any of the SWAN Games Servers
  • SWAN Games is not to be used to participate, assist or encourage in any illegal activity.
  • The e-mail's listed in the players profile are private, and are not to be used for any mailing lists without the consent of the player.
  • SWAN Games will not allow nude, obscene or offensive images in player's profiles, or at public discuss boards. If you find any images to be in violation with the standards, then please contact
  • SWAN Games intends to enforce a ZERO Tolerance policy in regard to cheating. If you have clear and compelling evidence of cheating, please submit the boards into the Complaint Manager in Lobby/Home page (click the complaint button)
    Anyone caught cheating will forfeit their membership without a refund and be permanently banned. Additionally, SWAN Games will submit the names and the evidence of players banned for cheating to their respective country's bridge federations.

We reserve the right to apply penalties on a case by case basis for violation of any of these rules and guidelines. Any member who seriously violates these rules may be barred from the club and have their membership canceled without refund.

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