File is corrupted

File corrupted error usually is caused when you try to download a file from behind a firewall. The firewall then corrupts the downloaded file so you cannot install the program.
Configure your firewall to allow download from the swangames website


 If you have a firewall or Zonealarm installed you will need to configure to allow access to port 7500
For more help on how to configure your firewall, ask the person who installed it on your computer or visit the helpsection or website of the company who produced it.

 Not connected but able to chat

This error usually happens when your version of IE is too old to support running the SWAN software. You should have IE(Internet Explorer) 9.0 or higher
You can download the newest version of IE for free at: 

 Unable to reconnect

If the resources on your computer is low, you may experience you get disconnected and you are unable to reconnect to SWAN.
One of the way to find out if this is the case is to reboot your computer once and try to log on again, if that didn't help then it is usually the Internet that is having problem somewhere between you and the SWAN server location.
If you are not able to use the Internet for accessing other site also, then it is your local ISP you should contact.

 Slow connection (Ping/Traceroute)

The internet consists of many, many computers networked to each other, and the speed of your connection will depend on the networks you connect through. A slow connection can be a problem at your end, at our end, or even at a computer in between. We do not have control over all the computers which may be involved in your connection.

Ping will help you determine if there is a connection problem, but it wont
help you figure out where the problem is occuring.

Click on START-Programs-Dos Prompt and type

ping -n 10

This will report a roundtrip time for "packets" (a packet is just a small amount of data) sent from your computer to our game server. A decent time is under 300ms. You can also see how many packets get lost. A high percentage of packet loss (say, over 25%) indicates an unstable connection.

To see where the problem might be, you will want to use the tracert utility:
In the Dos Prompt type:


This will report a trace of the path a "packet" from your computer to our
game server. Each networking device which "routes" your packet is listed. If you see a "* * *" in the report, this indicates a likely problem spot.

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