Getting Started

 Getting started on SWAN

To get into a game on SWAN Games Bridge follow these steps below:
NOTE: You must stay logged onto the Internet during all these steps.

 Download and install the software

Go to
and download the Complete version. (Save to to your harddisk and open the file)

 Run the software

After you install the software, an icon labeled SWAN Games Bridge will appear on your desktop. Double-click on this icon to run the software.

 Create an account

The first time you run the software, you will be asked to enter login information. Select the 'I am a new user' option and enter the username and password you would like to use.


TUTORIAL On the following URL you will find a short tutorial on using the SWAN software.

  • You navigate using the lobby screen pages (top left) Home/Rooms/Tables/Players
  • Cards are dealt once 4 players are seated.
  • Click on Lobby (lower left on table) to bring up the lobby window.
  • To spectate, Click spectate button(lower left) and select ALL after joining a playing table.
  • If you cannot join a Room or Table this might be restricted to members only

 Lobby left:

Home - At the top your account status and tickets, below tournament links.
Rooms - Player rooms and tournament. *shows the room you are in.
Tables - List of tables in the current room- Start a new table.
Players - List of all the players currently logged in.

 Lobby Right:

Roomchat - Chat to all players in same room.
Profiles - Enter your email address and system.
Friends - Enter the username of friends and be notified when they log in.
Chats - Shows all the current chatboxes you have open.
Helpdesk - Illustrated help on all the SWAN features in the index.


Last trick -
Display of previous trick
Chats -
Buttons for your private chats
Gamemessages -
Ask/Answer opps queries
Quick Score -
Fieldscores for session.
Table buttons -
Navigate using these buttons
Table and room chat -
Talk to Table or Room
Vulnerability compass -
And current tricks won

For more help while online, hit the F1 key and you will be taken to the helpdesk. You can browse for more information there. Or, look for the Lobby tab called 'LobbyChat'. Asking a question in there is likely to get an answer.

 Free Play

SWAN has unlimited free play in our main players room, where you can play free duplicate bridge for as long as you like. You can also use our Partnership Bidding and practice tables as well as take part in our free lesson tables, play rated, get statistics.
View monthly
Rating Reports


Tickets give you access to play in our many daily SWAN and ACBL tournaments and win SWAN and ACBL masterpoints. (ACBL tournaments yields both ACBL and SWAN points) To purchase tickets go to

Tournament Schedule and Results are available on:

You can register with a partner until gametime with a partner. If you don't have a partner, then first join the tourney room about 5-10 min before start and click Lobby/Rooms/ Play-Bridge-Anywhere button and the director will try to match you with partner with appropiate level. (Add your level in Settings above table)

 Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments

--The SWAN Team

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