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 Multiple users on same computer

The best way to setup the software for multiple usernames is to install it into 2 seperate locations. Then each username will have its own area on your computer.
The only trick is knowing how to launch each one. When you run the installation program, it will install an icon to your desktop and add an entry into the Windows Start Menu. However, the installation program also removes any previous icon or start menu entry so that using these will *always* launch the software you installed last.

The solution is to either 1) launch the proper program using Windows Explorer, or 2) create your own shortcut icon on the desktop for each installation.
These tasks require a little understanding about how to use your computer.

Else follow instructions below to create an additional username
and uncheck save password in Settings above table to allow prompt for username and password each time you log on.

 Creating a new user name

1) Click on settings above the table

2) Delete all information in Password and Username field and click Save Settings

3) Reopen SWAN by clicking on the swan icon on your desk top.

4) Select " I am a new User" and enter the new name and password you would like to use.

5) Email support with your old Username and Password to have your membership transferred over to your new name.
Note: You will lose you SWAN points, Rating and statistics when transferring.

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