Type of tournaments

IMP & MP scoring, (Special single movement, same direction always)
IMP & MPscoring, (Mitchell movement)
BAM (Board-a-Match)

 Schedule for the coming week

All times are EDT 12am=midnight 12pm=Noon See current time EDT and convert Click Here

 How to find a partner

There are several different ways you can go about getting a partner:

1) Ask in Lobby Chat.
Say your level and that you are looking for a partner for a specific tournament.

2) Look for people advertising for a partner in lobby and open a private chat to them.

3) Enter the tournament room and click on the Play Bridge Anywhere button in the room tab, then the director will assign you with a partner at game start

The GRAB list does not guarantee you get to play or that you get the requested or an appropriate partner. The GRAB list is solely the directors discretion and you will have to accept the pairing that he seats you with

If you have a partner you wish to play with,. then please always register on before game time

 How do I sign up

Be sure to add your and your partners user name on the registration page before the tournament starts. (For individual tournament always use the sign up page)

To sign up click here

 How do I view results

Throughout the tournament you can see how the field is scoring in the result browser. After the last table is done playing winners are announced in the players room lobby and shortly after the results are posted on

    See results from SWAN Tournaments (Click Here)

    See results from ACBL Tournaments (Click Here)

Here you will also find the rules and instructions for the tournaments and the SWAN point listings and masters.

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