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Swedish Bridgefederation
The HQfonder Cup
17th October 2004

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HQ fonder cup is a cup-pairs event Bridgecast only on Sunday for the following stationary pair: Thomas "Löparn" Magnusson - Arne Larsson.


Download the latest version of the SWAN software. Create a username and Join the BridgeCast room (in Lobby-Rooms) and then join the table you wish to watch (in Lobby-Tables).


You can follow all results updated board by board with leaderboard, pair travellers and boardreviews by clicking on the links on this page.

Qualifying A

Qualifying B


 Schedule of play & BridgeCast:

Sunday October 17th


Local time/ (EST)


Finals 1st session

10.30-12.30 / (04.30 am - 05.30 am)


Finals 2nd session

13.30-15.30 / (07.30 am - 09.30 am)

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