BridgeCast on SWAN from:

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Swedish Bridgefederation’s
5-7 MARCH 2004


This 3 day IMPs-across-the-field scored pair game will be broadcast live on SWAN with expert commentary available. .


Download the latest version of the SWAN software. Create a username and Join the BridgeCast room (in Lobby-Rooms) and then join the table you wish to watch (in Lobby-Tables).

 Live Voice Commentary:

To listen to the Live Voice Commentary click on VOICE icon in Lobby-Home
or use this URL:

You may need to download the small free media program from install and reboot to connect to Voice.

 Schedule of play & BridgeCast:

Friday March 5th


Local time/ (EST(preliminary)



13.45 / (7.45 am)


Round 1-4

14.00-17.25 / (8.00 am-11.25 am)


Round 5-8

18.40-22.05 / (12.40 pm-4.05 pm)

Saturday March 6th




Round 9-12

10.00-13.25 / (4.00 am-7.25 am)


Round 13-17

14.30-18.45 / (8.30 am-12.45 pm)

Sunday March 7th




Round 18-20

09.30-12.05 / (3.30 am-6.05 am)


Round 21-23

13.10-15.45 / (7.10 am - 9.45 am)


Invited top pairs from Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Norway and France will be participating. .

 Convention Cards: