How to get started:

Download and install the software
Create your username
Sign up for an ACBL tourney

 Join ACBL room and play

Tournament tickets
No membership required!

- The ACBL room opens 15 minutes before start.
- Join the ACBL room by clicking on LOBBY-ROOMS and select the ACBL room and click the JOIN SELECTED ROOM button above the room list.

There are always lots of helpful people around, so don't hesitate to ask in the room chat or help chat if you need additional help or email with any questions.

 Playing tournaments online

Finding a partner:
Once inside the room, then you can click the PLAY BRIDGE ANYWHERE button to get a partner.

If you have a partner, then you can register on the
schedule page until start.

Things you should remember:

  • Fill out your profile with the system and conventions you prefer, so it is easier to agree with a pick up partner. (Regular partnerships should create convention card)
  • Add your ACBL number and name in the profile by clicking the EDIT YOUR ACBL INFO link in your profile.
  • Add your email address in profile (it does not have to be public) so you get tournament confirmation emails when you register and your password if you should forget it.

Once you are seated in the tournament everything is automatic.
In the beginning of each round you should announce your system and carding to the table and let opps know if you have a convention card activated.

On SWAN you need to self alert all your bids and explain in the bidding box text line before clicking the BID&ALERT button.
Your partner cannot see your alerts, so please alert and explain all your artificial and conventional bids (Including Michaels, transfers and unusual NT) It saves much time, when opps do not have to query your bids.

Remember SWAN is a friendly club, so wait until after the tournament and use private chat to comment on partners bidding or play.
At the tournament table comments should always be polite, else call the director immediately

If you need a director, then call in the right chat box at table.
Detailed information on misclicks, psyches, queries, claims and more is published throughout every tournament in the room chat.


The SWAN team

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