Why SWAN?

Looking for a place to play bridge online?
SWAN offers easy to use software with
many great options to increase your playing experience

 Play Bridge

Open play with duplicate scoring. It's easy to find a partner.
Daily tournaments with
web preregistration, automatic seating, timed rounds..
Results posted right after tournament is done and friendly helpful directors.

Play unlimited for FREE in our players room and get a bridge rating. No membership is required.

 Be part of a community

Meet players from all over the world and get to know new people.Chances are you will also find lots of people you already know. If they love a friendly place to play bridge there is a good chance they are playing on SWAN

Create your profile where you can add information about yourself and a photo or even an animated gif. Profile can list the conventions you play, so it will be easy to agree on system with a pick up partner.

 Meet our friendly volunteer Team

Nikkibridge, Laila, caldreamin,
Rattytrack , Kat9rina, Robmaier, O_O_O
Brendadeede, Psychdad, Whiterose,
Gilla_777, Foxwhiz, proben, Sue7

These people are dedicated to help and guide you to a fun and great experience. If you have questions the Team is here to help you.

 Review your results

Every hand you play on SWAN you can review in the result browser. It has trick by trick animation, separate discuss board for each hand and shows the duplicate scores and hands for all the tables who played the same hand.
Keep track of your duplicate
statistics on SWAN. How well did you declare, how did your partner declare, defense you encountered and more.
Advanced rating system with instant update
. With a state of the art rating system designed to rate an individual players performance based solely on their own skill.
SWAN points
SWAN points from your tournament achievements and compare your achievements against players from all over the world.
Any hand you play can be recorded in to a text file so you can e-mail a hand or a session to a friend or post in News groups or bulletin boards

 Being a guest

You can play unlimited for FREE in our players room and get a bridge rating. Membership is only required for SWAN tournament play.

 Playing in tournaments

Tournament tickets gives you access to all our daily SWAN and ACBL master point tournaments.

10 tournament tickets


25 tournament tickets


50 tournament tickets


100 tournament tickets


 all prices are in US$

To purchase tickets download the SWAN software and create a user name. Your account options will be in the welcome page when you log in.
Or go directly to
http://swangames.com/order once you have created a user name.

 Getting Help

Click on the Support Center button in the navigation bar top left on this page

Contact us with any questions at info@swangames.com

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