Apr 10 2001

 Press release April 10th, 2001


WHITEHALL, PA — April 2, 2001 — SWAN Games Company announces that it will offer subscription based memberships for its Internet Bridge Club beginning May 1, 2001. Also, a special promotional offer including up to 6 months of FREE membership is being extended to all current users

The subscription based memberships will work as follows: Access to certain features in SWAN Games Company's Internet Bridge Club will require membership. However, many basic features will still be available to guests at no charge. Member accounts will be priced accordingly:

1 Year Membership: US$59.95
3 Month Membership: US$17.95
1 Month Membership: US$ 6.95

Guests will be able to play for FREE in designated rooms, and will be able to receive email support and create personal profiles. Members will enjoy these benefits and more, including the ability to sign up for and play in tournaments, view detailed statistics and player ratings, and attend the many exhibition matches and special events.

SWAN Games Company is extending a promotional offer worth up to 6 months of FREE membership to participating users. On April 30, 2001, users will be credited with FREE memberships based on the number of boards they have completed by that date. Additional details are available by logging into the online club.

Since it was initially released in October, 2000, SWAN Games Company's Internet Bridge Club has enabled over 5000 users to play and spectate bridge on the Internet, offering many features such as duplicative scoring, an advanced rating system, and a friendly club atmosphere. SWAN Games Company has also hosted several special events, including exhibition matches with top experts such as K.Woolsey, F.Stewart, D.Casen, R.Schwartz, B.Garozzo, S.Weinstein, F.Gitelman, R&R.Reisig, D.Kleinman, H.Mouser, A.Wildavsky and many more.

SWAN Games Company is headquartered in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. The company's mission is to create the best online club for playing bridge on the Internet. For more information, visit the SWAN Games Company website at http://www.swangames.com, or contact Laila Leonhardt by email at info@swangames.com



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