Feb 01 2001

 Press release February 1st, 2001


New software allows users to play competitive tournaments online.

WHITEHALL, PA — January 30, 2001 — SWAN Games Company announces a new release of their Internet Bridge Club software at www.swangames.com

With this new release, users will be able to participate in directed, online tournaments. Entrants can sign up using a webpage form, receive registration confirmations via email, and view their results immediately after playing. Tournament directors can use the software to coordinate a wide variety of events, such as pair or team games, with flighting and/or stratification, and customizable movements for each round of play.

SWAN Games Company also announces a number of promotional events - named SWAN Kickoff Tourneys - to be held online on Saturday, February 3, 2001 and Sunday, February 4, 2001. Bridge enthusiasts everywhere may participate in these events for free by installing software available at SWAN Games Company's website.

Since it was initially released in October, 2000, SWAN Games Company's Internet Bridge Club has enabled over 3000 users to play and spectate bridge on the Internet, offering many features such as duplicative scoring, an advanced rating system, and a friendly club atmosphere. SWAN Games Company has also hosted several special events, including exhibition matches with top experts such as Woolsey, Casen, Gitelman, Schwartz, Stewart, Garozzo and more.

SWAN Games Company is headquartered in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. The company's mission is to create the best online club for playing bridge on the Internet. For more information, visit the SWAN Games Company website at http://www.swangames.com , or contact Laila Leonhardt by email at info@swangames.com


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