Sep 19 2000

 Press release September 19th, 2000


New software makes playing bridge on the Internet easier than ever before.

   WHITEHALL, PA — September 19, 2000 — SWAN Games Company announces the Grand Opening of their Internet Bridge Club at on Sunday, October 1, 2000.

   As part of their Grand Opening, SWAN Games Company is planning several promotional events including scheduled exhibition matches between some of the world's top players, along with commentary by famous players and authors. Bridge enthusiasts everywhere may login to these events for free by installing software available at SWAN Games Company's website.

   The software enables users to play and spectate bridge on the Internet, and offers many features, such as duplicative scoring, an advanced rating system, and an online helpdesk with support staff. Additionally, lessons are available for players of all levels from such recognized bridge pros as Kit Woolsey, Bobby Levin, and Drew Casen.

   Emphasis is also placed on the social and community aspects of the game. "Our internet bridge club is more than just a place to play, it's an online community, which is why our software provides easy to use chat features and a sophisticated message board for commenting on played boards," says Managing Director Laila Leonhardt. There's even a photo section with coverage of the recent ACBL National Bridge Tournament in Anaheim, CA.

   SWAN Games Company is headquartered in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. The company's mission is to create the best online club for playing bridge on the Internet. For more information, visit the SWAN Games Company website at, or contact Laila Leonhardt by email at


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