Great Bridge Links. An great site with links to everything about bridge on the web today. A portal to bridge on the Internet, with news and information.

Bridge Bidding Guide by Richard Pavlicek contains lookup tables for all common bidding situations. The rules are based on "Standard American" bidding as taught by Richard Pavlicek.


Google an easy way to access the bridge news group You don't need need to set up your Internet providers news server, just use your browser

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Master Point Press The world's leading publisher of books on bridge. Extensive lists of books and software for sale on this website. You can also purchase NedMaui's (Ned Downey) book "Standard Bidding with SAYC" there!

The Bridge Shop The best spot for your bridge supplies. Since 1974, The Bridge Shop has been supplying bridge players and bridge clubs around the world. Books, videos, playing cards, computer software, club supplies.

Dealmaster Pro. Uses Deep Finesse Double Dummy analyzer for revolutionary Hand Records and powerful analytical tools.

Baron Barclay. The World's Largest Bridge Supply Company. Includes bridge supplies, bridge history, books and software

The Bridge World is published twelve times per year. Each monthly issue is packed with bridge, including Bridgeworks, a new section designed specifically to help players improve.

Bridge Plus - the best and the friendliest bridge magazine in the UK.

BridgeBaron An easy to use computer bridge game to play alone or with one to three friends - with helpful hints & instruction. Get a FREE Demo that Actually Plays

ECats A comprehensive information source for bridge players all over the world

bridge PLAZA - a very professional site. Covers everything that goes on at the world's great bridge events. Contains Vugraph, results, bulletins, schedules and much more.


Bridge Guys - The ultimate resource of bridge knowledge. This site has the most comprehensive list of conventions, defense, glossary and material for learning and studying bridge. All for free! The best bridge link you will ever discover.

The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) The driving force behind bridge in North America. Membership, point and master status awarded, monthly newsletter and information about tournaments. Free Educational software.

Bridge Forum.
A great site with educational material for all level players, lessons and a free online bulletin and a free forum offered by experts from all around the world.

Karen's Bridge Library -- Lessons, articles and other features for bridge players of all skill levels. Information on bridge clubs and tournaments in Champaign-Urbana IL.


The World Bridge Federation (WBF) was formed in August 1958.
The WBF has shown strong and steady growth and its membership now comprises 103 National Contract Bridge Organizations (NBOs) with about 700,000 affiliated members


The European Bridge League (EBL) was founded in 1947 at Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, it has grown to a confederation of the NBOs of almost all European countries, with a total membership of some 400,000.


The Danish Bridge Federation (DBF)
DBF is one of the largest NBOs in Europe and with Denmark being a country of just 5 million people, it's truly impressive.
DBF has it's own online bridge club inside SWAN
Buy everything for the bridge table and club at
Very nice discounts for DBF members and clubs.

Bridge Butikken
Large selections of bridge materials, online shopping by C.O.D (efterkrav). Visit the shop at Møntergade 12 in Copenhagen. The leading bridge website in Denmark. Forums, software, news
tournament information, results, gossip.

Charles' hjemmeside (All Danish language)
Fingeren på Bridgepulsen med Charles. En omfattende hjemmeside: Månedens spil, Fototek, Ugens Spil, Spil med Charles, CLUB 2000, Bridgemagasinet Moutonisten, CMN (Charles Mail News), EM-spil


The Swedish Bridge Federation is an organization with approx. 17.500 members all over Sweden. SBF is part of the World Bridge Federation (WBF), European Bridge League (EBL) and the Nordic Bridge Union (NBU). SBF publishes it's own Bridge magazine 'Svensk Bridge' 5 times a year


The Bridge Federation of Croatia.
An impressive website with information about leagues,
upcoming tournaments, news, results and much more


The Bridge Federation of Estonia.

Great Information on clubs, points calendar, events,
and players


Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands Bridge Federation FBS
Bridge-forum, travel information, results, news, club listings
A site that would be impressive even for a big country.
The FBS has in spite of less than 200 members, impressed the world with it's players, it's organization and it's heart.
Meet the the Faroe national team on SWAN.

New Zealand

New Zealand Contract Bridge Association
The heart and soul of Bridge in New Zealand.
Visit their great website for information about: Master points, youth bridge, local clubs, tournaments, learn to play and more.

South Africa

South Africa Bridge Federation
An exstensive site that covers everything about bridge; events, news, master points and clubs.


Forums and discussion boards

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